Reproduction of Kawase Hasui's print, The Bridge from Asahi to Ojiya, Ojiya Asahibashi

Reference HASUI-78 Category bridges and rivers - Kawase Hasui Brand MAUG ARTS Repro

product data

Packing Packaged in a rigid transparent plastic pouch
Product origin Made in France
Dimensions 30 x 40 cm
paper quality 250 grs/m² Inapa Tradition Natural White
Compositions paper

Print reproduction of Kawase Hasui, The Bridge from Asahi to Ojiya, Ojiya Asahibashi

Hasui Kawase (1883 - 1957) is a Japanese painter and illustrator from the Shin-Hanga movement (20th century). The latter aims to counter the arrival of photography in the 20th century, by renewing the image of the print by combining tradition and symbolic themes, addressed in particular by Hokusai and Hiroshige, while bringing light with a more modern technique. Through his travels and the seasons, Hasui draws temples and landscapes by strongly contrasting the shadows and lights. He incorporates a character in each print, giving an intimate, poetic and even melancholy dimension. His works represent the modern vision of Japanese culture.

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