• MAUG ARTS Repro

    MAUG ARTS Repro

    Maug'arts Repro, the artistic branch of FAMD SARL since 2006, specializes in the reproduction of old Japanese prints. Our reproductions capture the delicate beauty of these timeless works, preserving the spirit of Japan's rich artistic heritage. Immerse yourself in the appeal of Maug'arts Repro, where traditional art is brought to life with precision and dedication.

  • MAUG'Arts Créa

    MAUG'Arts Créa

    Maug'arts Crea is the vibrant artistic offspring of FAMD SARL, a company established in 2006 with a profound commitment to creative excellence. Specializing in the enchanting realm of Japanese-inspired illustrations, Maug'arts Crea is a manifestation of years of artistic exploration and a deep appreciation for the beauty inherent in Japanese culture.

  • Paiheme Studio

    Paiheme Studio

    Established in 2018 by Pierre-Marie Postel, Paiheme Studio invites you to explore the nostalgic Japan of a French illustrator. Hailing from Caen, Normandy, Paiheme serves as the creative director, illustrator, and graphic designer. His works, a modern interpretation of Japanese vintage style, are available online.

  • Yeaaah! studio

    Yeaaah! studio

    Founded in 2006 by Stéphane Casier, joined by Laura, Yeaaah! Studio stands out as a vintage graphic arts studio specializing in the captivating universe of Japan. Based in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, the studio embodies the shared passion of Stéphane and Laura for retro aesthetics and Japanese inspiration.