Japanese manekineko cat ornament disguised as daruma - DARUKO - 4 cm

origin of the product made in China
height 4 cm
Compositions Ceramic

"Maneki neko" (招 き 猫) literally translates to "the cat that invites". It is made up of the verb “maneku” (招 く: invite, provoke, in the sense of making come) and the word “neko” (猫: the cat). It is also sometimes called "the lucky cat" because of the role it is supposed to play for its owner. Traditional statue of a seated cat, raising the right or left paw (or both) to the ears. Considered a lucky cat, it has been very present in Japan since the Edo era, it is celebrated on September 29.

Daruma is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma. The Daruma is a Japanese papier-mâché figurine in the shape of a Buddhist monk. A Daruma is also, in Japanese culture, a wishing figurine.
In Japanese culture, the pupil of the first eye is drawn by making a wish. If this happens, we then draw the second pupil.

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