Japanese poster / illustration "NARA", a deer in Nara, by ダヴィッド

Reference 0B-MAUG-3 40x30 Category Japanese inspired illustrations Brand MAUG'Arts Créa

product data

Product origin Made in France
Dimensions 30 x 40 cm 50 x 70 cm

Immerse yourself in the elegance and enchanting soul of Japan with our collection of vintage-style Japanese-inspired illustrations. These works of art are an invitation to travel through time, capturing the rich heritage of the Japanese archipelago through traditional motifs, evocative color palettes and a unique visual aesthetic.

Each illustration embodies the main themes of the Land of the Rising Sun, whether it is the cherry blossoms (sakura) which symbolize the fleeting beauty of life, the majestic mountains of Mount Fuji, or the elegant geishas in resplendent kimonos. These artistic creations are infused with a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, while offering a nostalgic look at a bygone era.

Available in two sizes, 40x30 cm for a touch of subtle elegance and 50x70 cm for an imposing visual presence, these illustrations lend themselves perfectly to various occasions and spaces, from wall decoration in your living room to beautifying your office. Each piece is an authentic work of art that brings the essence of Japan directly into your living space.

Whether you are a lover of Japanese culture, an art collector or simply looking for a touch of vintage refinement, our Japanese-inspired illustrations invite you to experience the aesthetic and emotion of Japan with every glance. Immerse yourself in this visual adventure, let yourself be carried away by the memories and magic of this distant land, and discover the timeless beauty of Japanese art.

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