Fancy a Japanese touch in your kitchen? Find out everything you need here: chopsticks, bowls, plates, glasses and much more


  • Ramen bowls

    Ramen (ラ ー メ ン) are Japanese dishes that consist of pasta in a fish or meat-based broth and often seasoned with miso or soy sauce, Ramen is considered a classic in Japanese cuisine.

  • Bowls set

    Share your meals with our selection of bowl sets for all tastes.

  • Bowls with lid

    Our bowls with lid allow you to keep the heat of the dish but also to mix its contents without putting any aside.

  • Rice bowls

    the rice bowl is also called gohan chawan. It is small in size so that it can fit properly in one hand.

  • Soup bowls

    The soup bowl, or shiru wan, is mainly used to contain miso soup, a dish that accompanies many Japanese dishes. The bowl is often lacquered and may have a lid.

  • Donburi bowls

    Donburi (丼) is a traditional dish of Japanese cuisine consisting of a large bowl of rice with all kinds of garnishes.

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