Japanese green tea Sencha harvested in summer, SENCHA SUMMER, 100g


Origin: Japan (Kakegawa. Shizuoka)
Net weight x bag: 100g / 3.5oz
Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea - The taste of tea harvested in this season is sweet and deep.
JAN code: 4970781311700

Sencha can be considered the “King of green teas”.
Japanese Sencha green tea (煎茶) is by far the most widely grown variety in Japan. It can offer harsh and bitter flavors but also fresher notes, fragrant or with a hint of sweetness depending on its region of origin and its quality.
There is a wide variety of Sencha, both in terms of quality and price.
On the health side, Sencha brings many benefits due to its prolonged exposure to the sun. High-quality green tea contains a large amount of different vitamins, many minerals and trace elements, including essential nutrients.

To make the most of its virtues, it is recommended to let it infuse for 2 minutes in water at 55-60°C (depending on its quality). It should be noted that beyond 2 minutes, tannins are released into the water which inhibits certain positive effects of green tea on health.

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